My Name is Celena Carter

I adore Autumn And Anything Related to it
I love Animals
My Favorite Musician is Mindy Gledhill
I enjoy Reading a lot, Coffee, Pumpkin Pie, And Tea
Harvest Moon Cake is what I Always have for My Birthday
I Love God & Jesus
I have Hazel Eyes and Dark Blonde/Golden hair
Sweaters, Tights, Boots, Spices, Pumpkins, Autumn Colors,
Autumn Smells, Trees, Autumn Chill, God, Jesus, Books, Harvest & Rustling Corn 
Are My Favorite Things About Life
If There was a place where Autumn was the season year round, I would be living there 

Someday I wish to be a darling wife with a Godly Husband and Two Boys, Living my Life for God 
And Smiling more and more everyday